Allegory of Fertility, after Francesco Albani


“Fecundity also says Charity”, taken from the painting by Francesco Albani (1578-1660), 18th century, property of Louis-Antoine Crozat baron de Thiers (1700-1770).

This beautiful painting comes from the original work of Francesco Albani known as the Albane, property of the Louvre Museum where it was already in the 18th century.

Against the backdrop of a shady forest, sits a woman dressed in bright red, surrounded by three cherubs: while she breastfeeds one of the children, she turns to a nearby shrub to pick a pomegranate, while the other two children do the party around her.
Two allegories intertwine: Charity, seen as the woman dressed in red who holds a burning heart (the split pomegranate) in one hand and a child in the other; but also Fertility, rendered by the pomegranate, symbol of abundance, and by the three putti surrounding the young woman who is breastfeeding.

In perfect condition, in its original carved and gilded wooden frame.
The label is on the back: “Nature” (after the Dominican) from the Cabinet of Baron de Thiers, oil painting.

Canvas cm 61 x 47
Frame cm 74 x 57

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