About Us

Antichità San Felice International Antiques was born in 1997 from the passion for research and study of antiquities.

Our professional training takes place in Paris, where we have worked for twenty years; this cosmopolitan city has opened our minds, orienting us towards the international market and pushing us to ride the wave of nascent online commerce since 1999.

He also taught us that professionalism and competence are the basis of our profession.

Always in search of the rare object, we offer our customers an exceptional art gallery: paintings, sculptures, showcase and collectible items that span every era and style, High Era, Renaissance, Baroque, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Empire, Restoration, Napoleon III up to Art Nouveau. Each new acquisition is a world to be discovered and studied carefully; moreover, a team of professionals selected over the years for their seriousness and competence supports us, among specialized restoration workshops, experts and art historians.

Twenty years of experience in the field of e-commerce has allowed us to create a team that deals with packaging of works of art, customs procedures and transport all over the world.