Delivery and Insurance

Delivery can take place in different ways depending on the agreements made with the customer:
1) Personal delivery: when Antichità San Felice has the possibility to deliver personally or when the customer decides to go to the office in person.
2) Delivery by courier: the object is delivered to the MBE forwarder based in Pistoia, in via Galilei number 7, who takes care of the packaging, insurance and shipping via one of the affiliated couriers.
3) Delivery via carrier: if the object is particularly fragile or bulky Antichità San Felice can indicate the name of various carriers who can take care of the delivery, requesting a quote on behalf of the customer and, if so, entrusting the goods to the carrier itself .

In any case, unless Antichità San Felice personally takes care of the delivery, it is to be considered free of responsibility starting from the moment in which it delivered the object to MBE or to the Transporter, of which it will keep a photographic book at the time of the shipment.
From that moment on, the relationships will be understood as between the end customer and the shipping company. Please remember that to enforce the insurance, packages must be opened in front of the courier or accepted with reservation.