18th Louis XV Applique Cartel with crowned C Boulle Marquetry in five colors


Important wall cartel and its cul-de-lamp with crowned C in Boulle marquetry called “five colors” of polychrome tinted horn on a copper and rococo bronze background finely chiseled and gilded. Paris, Louis XV period, 18th century.

The dial with a chased copper background has twenty-five enamelled pieces on a white background indicating the hours in Roman numerals and the minutes in increments of five in Arabic numerals by two blued steel hands; the movement is housed in a case entirely made of polychrome marquetry of bouquets or garlands of flowers and foliage in tortoiseshell or tinted and engraved horn on a plain copper background; the whole is richly embellished with very finely chiseled bronze ornamentation. All the bronzes are stamped with the “Crown C”: designed under Louis XV to be a tax stamp, the crowned C has also become a quality and date mark for collectors: used between 1745 and 1749, it does not seem to have been carved only on the most refined bronzes.

The dial and the movement are signed Jean Jolly in Paris.
Jean Jolly or Joly is an important Parisian watchmaker active between the 1691 and the 1748; he collaborated with the workshop of André-Charles Boulle which provided the cases for his clocks.

The very high quality mechanism, signed Jean Jolly in Paris, underwent the replacement of the wire suspension by a Brocot suspension during the Napoleon III period to gain precision. Revisions to the mechanism, carried out periodically, are documented and engraved on the back.
The clock is already in perfect working order, complete with pendulum and key. In any case, before delivery, a revision will be carried out by our watchmaker.

Total height cm 132
H pendulum cm 92
W pendulum cm 42
D pendulum cm 19
H console cm 40
W console cm 45.5
D console cm 24

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