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RASSEGNA ANTIQUARIA 25 November – 3 December 2023

Present at the Rassegna Antiquaria 2023 Garda Exhibition Center – Montichiari – Brescia

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Chiti Stefano Expert for Cultural Heritage No. 195 Chamber of Commerce Register

The path to becoming an expert in art and antiques is long and difficult, since the preparation is entrusted to the professional experience gained over the years. The Italian Chambers of Commerce have set up their own register of “experts for cultural heritage” to which one is enrolled only after a long and careful analysis […]

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Chiti Stefano Expert Antiquarian – Expertise

The appraisal is a precise and detailed analysis with which a text document correlated with photographic reproductions is elaborated, with the aim of providing all the elements necessary to guarantee the origin, age, authenticity and value of a work . The appraisal with the appraisal of an asset is called appraisal appraisal, the one concerning […]

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