Jacques-Louis David Entourage, Young Paris, circa 1820


“The Young Paris”, oil on canvas, entourage of Jacques-Louis David, around 1820.

The large neoclassical canvas that we are going to offer shows us a young shepherd lying in a meadow in the company of a goat; he was playing the flute but someone interrupted him and he turned towards him: his clear and pure gaze observes us from the canvas, his mouth reveals a smile. The young man is naked, his white skin glows in the warm light of day; next to him a red sheet.
He is the shepherd Paris, a Trojan prince, exposed as a newborn on Mount Ida due to the disastrous prophecies that accompanied him from his birth, who lived as a shepherd until he was chosen by the gods to give judgment about the most beautiful goddess. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.
The plaque on the frame bears an old attribution to David: it could in fact be a person from his entourage, one of his many students, because there are many characteristics in common with the master: the mythological subject in the first place but also the Caravaggesque light, the precise study of the male nude which recalls the “Patroclus”, flooded with light on its drapery, of the same red.
The ideal beauty of the young man leaves you speechless, his gaze is magnetic.
The painting is pure as it left the house: we can take care of the restoration at the customer’s request through our trusted restorer.

L cm 140
H cm 105

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