Polymnie, Marble sculpture, Florence around 1830


Polymnia draped leaning against a rock.
Marble sculpture, Florentine workshop, circa 1830.

Polymnie is a figure of Greek mythology, one of the nine muses, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosine.
Typical iconography sees her depicted as a devout-looking young woman, wrapped in a veil and cloak, her head crowned.

The original sculpture is kept in the Louvre and is a Roman copy of the famous prototype of the Greek sculptor Philiscus (2nd century BC). Plaster casts of various sizes were made of this sculpture in 1821, commissioned by the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where they arrived in 1822. The casts were used by the workshops of Florentine sculptors to be able to make the marble versions, one of which has come down to us.

To date, that of the draped Polymnie is a sculpture that rarely appears on the art market, few examples of it are known except for a series in bronze made by Collas in the second half of the 19th century.

H cm 71
Base cm 35 x 25

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