Francisque Joseph Duret (1804-1865) Bronze Sculpture “the Neapolitan Dancer” Quesnel Foundry


Francisque Joseph Duret (1804-1865), large patinated bronze sculpture depicting “The Neapolitan dancer with a tambourine” signed F. Duret with the stamp “Quesnel fondeur Paris”.

Francisque Joseph Duret was a French sculptor, son and pupil of François-Joseph Duret (1732-1816).
He entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1818 and won the Prix de Rome in 1823 for the Pain of Évandre in the presence of the body of his son Pallas. From Rome, Duret made several shipments: Le Berger de Virgile, Sappho holding back Phaon or even Mercury inventing the lyre which was presented at the Salon of 1831. It was during a trip to Naples that he imagined one of his most famous bronzes, Young fisherman dancing the tarantella which is exhibited at the Salon of 1833 (Musée du Louvre). Many reductions have been drawn from it. The Neapolitan Dancer, presented at the Salon of 1838 as a counterpart to the Young Fisherman, was also the subject of bronze editions. Several versions of the theme of the Neapolitan dancer are known to date: Neapolitan dancer (Montpellier), Young fisherman dancing the tarantella (Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier, Paris), Neapolitan dancer with castanets (Nîmes) or Neapolitan dancer with tambourine ( Montpelier).

Edouard Quesnel (1792-1858), chaser and founder, took care of the production of figures and ornaments by working on order for various renowned sculptors: David d’Angers, Moine, Rude, Barye, Duret and, although the word is not yet invented in this field he begins to practice publishing. In 1834, at the Exposition des produits de l’industrie, he presented a bronze print of Le Pêcheur dansant la tarantelle, by Duret, the first proof of which had been cast the previous year by Gonon. With Quesnel et cie (circa 1836-1844-1855) he continued to publish the works of Duret, including L’improvvisateur, exhibited at the 1839 salon. He appeared in 1844 under the company name Quesnel et cie, 112, rue de Richelieu , with also a store of vases, statuettes and art bronzes at 15 rue de la Paix. He exhibited in particular works by Pradier and Duret. His activity ended around 1855, when he transmitted to Delafontaine the contracts signed with Duret.

Perfect state of preservation.

Height cm 53
D cm 15

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