Crouching Venus Large Neoclassical Alabaster Sculpture


Large alabaster sculpture from Volterra representing a crouching Venus after the antique, Italy, 19th century.

This sculpture belongs to the type of “Venus Pudica”, generally represented standing. It is the gesture of modesty of the goddess that inspired the name of this emblematic break. She leaves the viewer free to admire her beauty, barely veiled with a graceful gesture…squatting with her right knee on a rock and bending her left leg behind which is a water jug, the sensual body shows curves voluptuous in a subtle twisting effect encircled by her delicately lascivious arms, the chest is modeled with care and three wavy locks of hair fall along the back…
The figure of this Venus is known from the antique, taken up from the 17th century by the French sculptor Antoine Coysevox.
It is a fascinating model due to the difficulty of sculpting the human body in such a complex twisting motion.

This Venus was sculpted in alabaster from Volterra, a material known since the time of the Etruscans, much appreciated for its warm color tending towards ivory. Unlike marble, which requires preparatory sketches shown on the stone before carving it (the so-called points), alabaster is jet carved, so it is a material that demonstrates the skills of the sculptor who carved it. . In our case, a very high level sculptor, as evidenced not only by the sculptural quality but also by details such as oversized feet and hands.

Height cm 65
Base cm 31 x 20

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