Antonio Giovanni Lanzirotti (1839-1911) Marble Bust


Antonio Giovanni Lanzirotti (1839-1911).
White marble bust signed and titled “Bouton d’or”.

Antonio Giovanni Lanzirotti, born in Palermo on May 9, 1839 and died on February 28, 1911, was an Italian sculptor who worked in France and Italy. He fought for the independence of Sicily, then of Italy. And was with Auguste Clésinger the director of the photosculpture workshops of the Société Générale de Photosculpture de France.
Antonio Giovanni Lanzirotti was born in Palermo, where he completed his studies. He then goes to Paris, where he is a pupil of Joseph Michel Ange Pollet.
His first sculpted work is the Education of Bacchus, exhibited at the Universal Exhibition of 1855 in Paris. In 1858-1859, he presented to the prefect of the Seine the sketch of a project for an “allegorical group in honor of H. M. the Emperor Napoleon III, and which could be placed between the gardens of the courtyard of the new Louvre ( place Napoleon).
In 1863, he was called to Turin, where King Victor-Emmanuel II commissioned the statues of Count Verde and Duke Victor-Amédée I from him. He sends to Paris the statues of La Pensierosa (The Thinker5) and La Schiava greca (The Greek Slave). The first now decorates a niche on the ground floor of the north wing of the Cour Carrée of the Louvre Museum. And the second is part of the collections of the Jules-Chéret Museum of Fine Arts, in Nice.
In 1860, Lanzirotti joined the movement of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and was taken prisoner in Cap Corse. He was imprisoned for two months in Gaete, then returned to Paris. There, he carves: Amore punito (Punished Love); La Danza (The Dance); the mausoleum of Count Tyzhieviez, and a bather he exhibited at the Salon. He also sculpts Il Piacere (The Pleasure) and La Follia (The Madness).
He also created numerous busts and portraits, including those of Cassagnac, Émile de Girardin, Doctor Armand Trousseau, Beaumarchais, and King Umberto I of Italy.
In 1867, he was the director of the photosculpture workshops of the Société Générale de Photosculpture de France, with Auguste Clésinger.
Lanzirotti was honored by numerous academies, and received the insignia of the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus and the insignia of the Order of Isabella the Catholic. He was also inducted into the Order of the Crown of Italy.

Lanzirotti is a sculptor of the highest level; a great portraitist, his way of sculpting, so precise in detail, is almost photographic.

The bust is in excellent condition.

Hcm 50
L max cm 26
D max cm 16

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