19th Century Neoclassical Marble Sculpture Signed Boyer


Large marble sculpture with a Neoclassical subject representing a woman holding a putto on her shoulder who kisses it.
This sculpture borrows from a genre widespread in the neoclassical period, the representation of maternal love through the image of Venus and the Child Love.
The sculpture is signed “Boyer” on the base. It is a subject which is not easy to execute given the complex position of the figures and which values the great skill of the sculptor. Concerning the signature, there are many sculptors, working as well in the first as in the second half of the XIXth century, who answer to the name of Boyer but considering the modeling and the technique of execution in only one block of marble I would place the statue in the first half of the century, years during which Jean-Baptiste and Louis Boyer were active. Very good state of preservation.

H cm 75

D cm 23

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