19th Century French Empire Gilt Ormolu Bronze Brocatelle Marble Mantel Clock


Our clock was exhibited at the exhibition “Heracles and his myth” at the museum of the Reggia di Venaria in Turin from March 27 to September 30, 2019.

Exceptional clock Heracles at the time late Empire, around 1810 – 20. represents the myth of Atlas and Heracles carrying the sky on his shoulders, sky in which is inscribed the dial in Roman numerals. Inside the celestial vault is hidden the movement of the pendulum. The statue of Heracles is in finely chiselled and gilded bronze, resting on a Brocatelle marble base and gilt bronze and carved with palmettes motif.

The eleventh of the Twelve Works of Heracles is to bring back apples from an apple tree (gift of Zeus to his sister and wife Hera) from the fabulous garden of Atlas and his three daughters (the Hesperides), protected by the a hundred-headed dragon Ladon. Heracles begs Atlas to pick these fruits for him. Atlas agrees on condition that Heracles supports the celestial vault in his place during this time, but on his return Atlas refuses to take back his burden. By trick, Heracles pretends to consent, and claims to need to strengthen his grip.

The giant lifts for a few seconds the weight of his shoulders; barely released, Heracles seized the three golden apples and fled. Heracles is easily recognizable for the club on his left, his main attribute. This weapon is a narrow piece of wood at the end that serves as a handle and is heavy and flared at the other end, to strike.

Heracles would have made his club with a large branch of wild olive.

The clock is in excellent condition. The original gilding is beautifully preserved. Original movement with suspension wire full pendulum and key.


Height cm 36,5 Width cm 11,5

On request the clock can be delivered revised by specialized watchmaker.

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