18th Hispanic Huamanga Alabaster Auteil Tabernacle Reliquary


Rare small Hispanic alabaster or huamanga stone, Viceroyalty of Peru, 18th century.
Carved and polished alabaster, traces of polychromy. Lacks.
Being rare items, it is not easy to understand the use of this item; it may be an altar for family use, in which there is originally a small oil lamp, or a reliquary or stoup.

Huamanga stone is the local name given to the alabaster; Huamanguino sculptors in colonial times produced delicate figures, religious groups, altarpieces and small polychrome paintings painted in oil. Polychromy is only used in the oldest productions, of which very few examples remain; already at the end of the 18th century, polychromy was abandoned while the quality of the objects was lowered.

Measure H cm 19 L cm 15 P cm 3,5

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