18th century Pair 0f Scagliola Panels


Rare pair of Panels in Scagliola, Landscape and Ruin, entourage of Enrico Hugford, Italy, 18th.

They represent two views of landscapes animated by fishermen, villages and ruins. Exceptional state of conservation.

The scagliola panels are framed in a splendid pair of 18th century Piedmontese frames, in richly carved wood with a pattern of leaves held in place by ribbons. Original black lacquer and gold leaf gilding in excellent condition. Original wrought iron nails and hook.

The art of scagliola, which perfectly imitates the colors and veins of marble inlays, from the beginning of the 17th century, developed first in Carpi then in Modena and then in the provinces and neighboring regions, in particular in Romagna, the Marche, Lombardy and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. If the invention of “meschia”, that is to say the paste produced by mixing selenite powder (a particular quality of plaster) with water, colored pigments and natural glues, is not not really carpigiana, because already documented in Austria and Bavaria at the end of the XVI century, Carpi has the merit of having widened the fields of use of the scagliola by transferring it in the furniture of civil use as well as in the realization front of altar. In scagliola are documented table tops, cabinets with drawers and decorated doors, paintings of different formats intended to be hung on the walls: the latter mostly represent sacred images but are not lacking in landscapes and small still lifes. . The paintings and tables quickly gained considerable commercial success and became collector’s curiosities. In the 18th century, this trade experienced even international development, having become a sought-after object of purchase by travelers on the Grand Tour.
In Florence he plays a leading role the monk Enrico Hugford (Florence 1695-1771): with his paintings depicting views, seascapes, flowers, animals, genre scenes, architectures, portraits, stories of saints and blessed Benedictines, Hugford will bring to perfection the work in scagliola, to make it a true art.


with frame 56.5 x 36.5
panel 45.5 x 25.5

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