17th Century Venetian School Fixed Under Glass Painting With Venetian Frame


“Saint Anthony of Padua with the Child Jesus”, set under Venetian glass of the 17th century. In a beautiful and rare Venetian 17th century blackened wood frame, carved and decorated.
The fixed under glass or art of inverted painting is known in the West since antiquity: it is a unique technique because the work is done on the back of the glass so the viewer must look at the completed work on the unpainted side of the glass plate. The painter on glass begins with the finesse of the work to finish with the fund. Glass painting is related to the glass industry and its diffusion; introduced in Venice in the Middle Ages, it reaches its full maturity from the second half of the 16th century thanks to the influence of the Byzantine glassmakers installed on the island of Murano since the 13th century. Venice becomes one of the centers of production of this “scholarly art”. The Venetian studios are credited with painting under deep blue glass with a figure in the foreground against a backdrop of landscape, religious subjects and drawings from the New Testament.
Very good state of conservation. The colors of the painting are intense, no glare on the painted glass. Frame with little signs of time.

Dimensions cm 44 x 40,5

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