17th Century Reliquary Showcase with Diorama Relic of Saint Catherine of Siena


This rare object comes out, after generations, from an Italian family.
The showcase, carved and gilded wood, from the late 17th century, ends with a niche containing, in a wreath of lilies, a hair of St. Catherine of Siena, closed by the papal seal.
The scroll above the relic reads: “Capelo di S. Catera”.
Inside the window, a diorama representing the Santa’s room in Siena: a table and a chair, as well as some objects related to Catherine, such as the crucifix, the book and the inkwell, the oil lamp and the ointments used when she went to visit the sick. Some of these items are solid silver.

Catherine Benincasa (in Italian: Caterina Benincasa), in religion Catherine of Siena (Italian: Caterina da Siena) born March 25, 1347 in Siena, Tuscany, and died April 29, 1380 to 33 years in Rome, is a Dominican tertiary mystic, who exerted a great influence on the Catholic Church. She is declared a saint and a doctor of the Church.
It is Pope Pius II who declares Catherine of Siena holy June 29, 1461, day of the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, in the Vatican Basilica. Pius IX in the Decree of April 13, 1866 declares Catherine of Siena co-patroness of Rome. On June 18, 1939, Pius XII declared Catherine of Siena the patron saint of Italy, on the same level as St. Francis of Assisi. On October 1, 1999, John Paul II declared her patron saint of Europe with Edith Stein and Brigitte of Sweden

Very good state of conservation.


Max height at the niche cm 50
High without a niche cm 40
Max width cm 35
Depth cm 28.6

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