17th Century Italian Polychrome Scagliola Table Top


Rare and beautiful polychrome scagliola table top, Florentine work of the 17th century.

The first works of Italian Scagliola appeared in Carpi, in Emilia Romagna, at the beginning of the 17th century followed shortly after by Scagliola Fiorentina. During the 17th century, in Florence, the technique of Scagliola is inspired by hard stone marquetry, which she wants to imitate: the drawing is drawn on a black marble plate with a hammer and a chisel to create deep engravings. These engravings are filled with a paste, the “meschia”, consisting of a gypsum called Scagliola and pigments to imitate marble and natural stones. When the “meschia” hardens the artisan brushes the surface with water and pumice before polishing with beeswax. At first the Scagliola Fiorentina continue the marquetry of Pierre Dure with baroque inspiration motif. From the 18th on the plateau are marked and painted with real miniature paintings.

Our tableau top still belongs to the production of the 17th; it is finely decorated with marquetry with a scene of Neptune that reminds us the famous Fountain of Neptune in Florence in the Signoria Square. The inspiration of this table top is still strongly Baroque.

This table top, taken from an important private collection, has been restored at one of the last italian laboratories specializing in scagliola restoration.
It has been restored with a conservative restoration.
It has been mounted in a modern metal table to avoid possible shocks.


cm 142 x 67
H cm 80

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