Agostino Fonduli (active late 15th-early 16th) Terracotta Head


Beautiful sculpted terracotta head representing a young man with long wavy hair. Lombard Renaissance, early 16th century.

Our head is comparable to the head of San Sebastiano by Agostino Fonduli (or De Fondulis or De Fondutis) kept at the Bode Museum in Berlin.
Born in Crema, son of art, he moved very young to Padua with his family. If his training takes place in Veneto, the Lombard culture soon emerges, visible in the dryness of the drapes and in the contained drama of the figures. Called to the S. Satiro shipyard in Milan, he became a student and collaborator of Bramante and the Battagio. His style is cultured and classic, even if it is grafted onto traditional compositional languages, such as his predilection for terracotta decorations.

Presented on a marble base from a later period


Head height 25cm
Total height 40cm
Base 15 x 15 cm

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